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Breast cancer – the burden and early diagnosis.
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Impact Investing is an investment approach that aims to achieve in addition to the financial return a positive social and/or environmental-use effect. 

I have made it to my objective to internalize this approach and to share it with other Business Angels.

„I wish that more and more investors share this approach with me in Austria and also start to invest into sustainable businesses and support those companies permanently.“

discovering hands® trains and deploys visually impaired women with their highly developed sensory skills to detect the early signs of breast cancer.

“Medical Tactile Examiners” (MTEs) are trained to deliver physical breast examinations at doctors’ practices. During a 11-month training period they learn how to use a standardized diagnostic method for examining the female breast. MTEs are either directly employed by resident doctors or hospitals.Discovering hands® has a number of benefits:

– Perceived disability is leveraged as a talent: By using the extraordinary sensory capabilities of visually impaired women, a perceived “disability” is transformed into a capability. A completely new field of meaningful employment is created
– Standardized method: MTEs use a standardized examination method that has been developed specifically for the purpose of their work
– More time for prevention and early detection: Typically, a regular breast examination carried out by a gynecologist takes between 1 and 3 minutes. The MTE invests at least 30 minutes for each session, not only examining the breast, but also educating patients on how to cope with the risk of breast cancer. Patients feel that they are well taken care of and receive the best possible preventive examination in a pleasant environment.